Meetings Are The Worst

video standup phonevideo standup

Ah yes, the daily standup – a meeting that should be beneficial to a development team, but often times ends up a being a distraction instead. Some friends and I found it especially painful when you had to stop the work that you were in the middle of doing and break your flow just to hop on a 15 minute standup meeting with the whole team. Turns out my friend Chris had been thinking of a way to solve this problem for a while – an app where team members record 60 second videos of their status each day, at a time that is most convenient for them.

The idea is that instead of all gathering (in-person or over video) at the same time, we open this app and record a 60 second video explaining the status of our work. Recording these videos, and watching the status videos of others on the team, all happens at a natural break in our work at some point during the day. No unnecessary context switching or breaking the flow. Each morning, the previous days’ videos are deleted, adding incentive and importance to take some time each day to stay in the loop on what the rest of the team is doing.

It was fun creating a concept for this app. Alas, life happened and we haven’t had a chance to build this…yet.

See A Prototype