What if anybody in your company could propose what gets worked on? What if people could choose what they work on and who they work with to solve a particular problem or achieve a particular goal?

These are questions that some friends and I started asking ourselves in an effort to help companies foster an environment of autonomy where people are empowered to work on things they’re passionate about.

The above design is one way we could enable people to do this. Anybody can create a “challenge”, which can then be viewed, joined, and followed by anybody else in the company.

If someone wants to be part of the team that completes a particular challenge, they simply click on the card to go to the challenge details and join the team.

As teams track progress against a challenge in the challenge details, the progress meter on the card will be updated to show everyone else in the company how things are progressing.

My friends and I decided not to pursue this, but we had fun playing with the idea.